Happy Tuesday!
This engagement brunch was very special to my husband and I because after two years of being engaged, we finally set a date for our wedding. It was a small get together hosted by my mother in law, but it was amazing! Since most of our family doesn’t know each other, we had both families present and had each and every single one of them introduced themselves.


Since I am a Pinterest addict, I search for different things to do at an engagement party which mostly were games. I hosted two games, which where pretty funny for our guests and to us.


The first game was a sheet of questions to see how well does our families knows us. The game it’s call “How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom?” The answers that we had to these questions were unbelievable! 😀


We also played the Shoe Game, for this particular game I had one of my maid of honor make up the questions. Basically the way you played this game, is you and your partner have a shoe of each other in the hands facing the opposite direction. Accordingly to the questions, you raised the shoe of the person who the question refers to. For example; One of the question was “Who is more organize?” I raised my shoe because I am! And he? I have no idea why he raised his. 😉


When a guest arrived at out engagement brunch, we had handle out small cards, where we had them write an advice for our new journey.
Thank you for coming by!






Hi everyone!!!

Please allow me to re introduce you and welcome you back to my blog. I have being away for so long, but I am honestly trying to catch up on my blogging.

This time I won’t just be concentrating on fashion and beauty, but also I will share with you all my experience as I plan my dream wedding!! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I did get marry, but through Civil. We are currently planning our religious wedding and I just can’t wait to start dress shopping. 😀 So, I will take you all through the process from the beginning, from my wedding binder to the last detail. So please stay tuned!


Thank you all so much, for coming back!

Oh! Another fact, I will work harder to provide you all my lifestyle details from products views to activities that I do.

Have a great weekend!