Happy Halloween babes!

Sorry for the long wait on posting a new blog post. I am currently moving to our recent co-op that my husband and I just purchased. I am so excited to share with you all, my decor and the renovations that we have done. That will be coming soon.

But for now, here is a wishlist, from Shein. I am obsessed with sweaters and cardigans! Here are my tops favorites.


Shop the looks here:

Pearl Rose Sweater

I love the pearls and the cut of the sweater, so pretty!

Turtle Neck Knit Sweater

I love this sweater! I have purchased it, and it keeps me very warm!

Drop Shoulder White Sweater

This low back sweater, it’s so fashionable to go on a date or to run errands on a nice fall day.

Contrast Striped Panel Cardigan

This cardigan reminds me of the famous one in Nordstrom, but a bit less expensive.

Hope you all have a safe great halloween!






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