June’s Challenge Goals

It’s the sixth month of the year! We are half way through the year already. Time has passed by so fast and because of this reason, I want to challenge myself making monthly goals and sharing them with you. Lately, I have being lazy and just waiting for things to get to me instead of reaching out for them.
So for my first month challenge goals are:
1. Shoot fashion looks: I haven’t posted a photo of my outfits lately, and that is something that I really want to focus for my blog. I have a few looks that will be up this month, so my ladies stay tuned!
(Photo by Fitwirr.com)
2. Exercise: I used to go to the gym until January of this year, but I had no time and cancel my membership. Exercising its great for the soul and body. I have tried getting back to my routine at home in the mornings, but my goal is to do a complete routine at least for half hour.


(Photo by: Foodnetwork.com)
3. Eating Healthy: I need to start making it a routine to wake up early and make a healthy breakfast and lunch. I always eat the same thing pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza because is my favorite food! But I need to make an effort and start making meals with greens and less carbs.
What are your goals? I would love to hear.
Much love,

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