Travel Organizer + OOTD

It is Friday and I hope everyone has a great great weekend!
Yesterday, I have share how I pack my makeup and skincare products for a trip in a carry on. But today, I am sharing my current travel organizer by Nicole Lee. I love her bags, luggage and purses they are beautiful!

The reason why I love my travel organizer, is because it has a section for every single item that you need when you travel. It has a section for your passports, boarding pass other documents and many more. I love to stay organized and having everything just in one place.

This particular travel organizer, I got it this past Christmas from my aunt. I have search their site for this organizer, but I cannot find it. I do still recommend you to check their site you can find many beautiful products like these.
Passport Cover: Buy here Luggage: Buy here

And since I am waiting on my plane with my husband, why not give you my outfit of the day. When I travel, I try to stay as comfy as possible. 
My loves, I hope this small tips that I am giving you all can help you along the way. Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you on the next post.
Much love, Hanoi
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