Graduation Dresses Inspiration

It’s Friday and the body knows it!
Ladies, June is right around the corner and there is tons of graduations! Today I will share with you a few dresses that I have picked for that special day. So if you are graduating or may know any female who is, share with them this post so they can obtain some inspiration.
First of all, this was me on my college graduation last year 2016. I am a alumni of Lehman College located in Bronx, NY where I have obtain my Bachelors degree in Multimedia Journalism. Next to it, is a similar dress that I found at Shein and you can purchase it here.
There are so many style of dresses, maxi, body cons, empire, a-line, with sleeves or no sleeves. But remember, you are wearing a graduation gown on top. My best suggestions are dresses like these where you can be free and feel super comfortable. 
Lace it’s a fabric that it’s always in style and it’s very fresh for Summer and Spring. These 3 dresses look very appropriate for a graduation. I love the colors, style and length and of course you can re-use the dress for another great occasion. 
Pink Dress: Buy here Red Dress: Buy here Blue Dress: Buy here
Lately, I have seeing many clothing like Jeans, shirts, skirts and now these pretty pop up flower dresses. They have become a very popular trend now for Summer. I highly recommend them. The yellow dresses remind me of the statements tops. Rocking any of these statement dresses at your graduation, will make you look extra fabulous. 
Short Sleeve Yellow Dress: Buy here Floral Dress: Buy here Yellow Elbow Dress: Buy here V-Neck Floral Dress: Buy here
Ladies, check out you can find these dresses and even more for a good price. Any suggestions or questions that you may have, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
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