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Today, I want to share with you the beauty of New York City! Yesterday I went with my husband (unplanned) to the One World Observatory. For those of you, who may not be familiar with it, its the new tower that replaced the Twin Towers. 911 was being a major tragic event for the United States. Believed it or not, living right here an hour train ride away I have NEVERRRRR being around ground zero world trade center.


The Twin Towers were huge, it’s unbelievable just by standing in front of it how many people lost their lives. I remember I was in 3rd grade when this tragic happen. I was in school and we saw the smoke from my classroom window.

Fact: (That is my husband in the Jean Jacket) 

Like I have stated on one of my last posts (Fear) elevators gives me anxiety! At the One World Observatory, the tour begins in the 102 Floor. The experience that we gained from this elevator was AMAZING! It literally takes you up to the 102 floor in just 45 seconds. This ride isn’t just a regular elevator ride, as the elevator goes up, they play a video all around the elevator that takes you back to when the Twin Towers was just grass until what it is now. I forgot that I was in an elevator!


The view is beautiful, the tower gives you a 360 degree view of NYC and you can see beyond that.

unnamed (1)


From this view, you can actually see where one of the towers were standing.


Why not taking a selfie when the view and lighting it’s amazing? 😀


If you live in New York and you have not yet visit the One World Observatory, or if you coming to visit my City, this is a MUST GO TO!

By the way, coming down the elevator another fantastic video was played but this one I will let you experience it on your own. 😉

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