Wedding Theme

Happy Tuesday Babes!

Welcome back to a new week here at my blog. Thank you so much to those who have being coming back and visit. Well, today I just wanted to share with you the idea that we want for our wedding in 2018.


As you can see these photos are outdoors, and yes we want an outdoor wedding. It was his idea, and I loved it! It’s different and so economic. The theme to our wedding is whimsical. We love the idea with the string lights hanging and illuminating the place.


The big question to me, was WHERE can we host this outdoor wedding? I called a few renting companies and they suggest to check out Queens County Farm Museum in New York. We went and loved the place. It’s an actual farm where they rent spaces for events.


Now, my big concern is the weather. I HOPE it doesn’t rain because then it will ruin the idea and we going to have to rent a tent. But! “Fingers Crossed” that it doesn’t rain.

Well, I hope you all are enjoy my posts and stay tuned for more.

Photo credit: Pinterest

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Much love,

Hanoi 😀



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