My 24th Birthday!

IMG_1641 copy

Most of us get super excited when is our birthday, because we may get treated like queens and king that special day. But this year, I honestly just see my birthday as another day. Why? I do not know, maybe because I am getting order and order. hi hi 😀

IMG_1660 copy

I really don’t want to do anything not even go out to a restaurant because it’s what I always do. But I did want to do a shoot and go out and do activities. I just want something different then the usual like go on a vacation but my husband and I have too many plans at the moment that we need to prioritize first.IMG_1601 copy

But next year, I do want to wake up the day of the birthday with a Piña Colada or a cocktail drink with a bikini on in the sand feeling the breeze of the beach. Yup! That’s what I want next year for my 25th birthday.IMG_1657 copy

I choose the color blue for this post because I want it to represent my 24th birthday. All I want is harmony, peace in between families, friends and peace in the world. I want more confident and loyalty among myself that I can make great things happen. 

IMG_1675 copy

Thank you to those who have wished me a great birthday.  If you aren’t following me yet on my social medias, let’s connect on instagram! See you soon.




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