Makeup On The Go!

It’s almost the weekend! Who is excited?

Me! Because I get to rest and sleep, I LOVE sleeping.

And plus, it’s the weekend of my birthday. 😀

But ladies, this is a small post about beauty because I know many of you don’t have that time to get your makeup done at home, so you do it on the go. I do not always wear makeup specially during the week, but on the weekends on my days off I want to wear a little something. If I do not have time to get my makeup done at home, I do a quick simple look in the car.

I take my breakups makeup bag with all the products that I need. For this particular look, I did my eyes at home and the rest of my face, I had finished it in the car. But here are simple tips that I recommend to keep in mind.



  1. BRING WIPES! – You may make a mistake if you are doing your makeup while the car is in motion, and may want to clean it up and the best things for that are the makeup wipes.
  2. TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU WILL NEED – I only carry one item of each category in makeup, because it makes it more easier and faster to get my makeup done than deciding which product to use.
  3. TRY TO DO THE HARDEST PARTS OF YOUR MAKEUP AT HOME – If you want to add on eyeliner and mascara, this is a big no no for when a car is in motion. You will need to be extra careful, that is why I do my eyebrows and eyes before leaving my house.
  4. TRY TO THINK BY STEPS – I always go from my eyes to the very last thing, my lipstick. I think before hand which products I need to do contour, my blush, my foundation and line this products up to see if I have everything before adding it to my makeup bag.

I hope I was able to provide some guidelines for you and hope these were helpful. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Thank you for coming by and let’s connect on Instagram!




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