Learning how to create a centerpiece


We all have being to a wedding before! You may have being part of a wedding or have seen someone else planning theirs, and you may notice that it requires a lot. It requires a guest list, dealing with responses from the guests, the venue, the catering, the colors, the flowers, the type of flowers, the DJ, etc!

In my case since I love DIY projects, I have being searching the internet with different ideas and how to make these ideas come to life myself. (Well, not myself because my husband is always there to help me get anything done.) I have a few ideas but most of all,  are the centerpieces and floral arrangements.E8EA578B-C2C4-409D-9A94-F565C6DAA7D1


Do you know by making your own centerpieces you can save lots of money? Well, Yea! All you need is your creative and a few other helpers to make it happen. For my wedding, I will have two type of centerpieces tall ones and short ones. This past Monday, I took one of my maid of honor to a floral arrangement class, where they taught us how to create centerpieces. 60110511-3D85-4418-8189-2C984C05EA23

This floral arrangement class was held by Bloomerent, a florist company who helps guests save money on sharing centerpieces. The event started with a desert and cocktail hour, and each section was named with our names and a discount code towards the company. They had a calligraphy station creating calligraphy designs for the guests with wedding hashtags, names or wedding dates. I have mine with our wedding date since we do not have an official hashtag. The florists taught us how to set your centerpieces with greens and how to cover the spaces within the flowers. I made my centerpiece accordingly to the colors of our wedding and these flowers were so pretty. After creating these beauty, we took them home and mine is on my dining table.



For my first time creating a centerpiece, I think mine came out so beautiful! My maid of honor had a bit of problem creating hers, but she got it to be beautiful as well. Ladies, if you have the chance to attend events like these, go ahead it helps you a lot so you can have an idea of what you are looking for, for that special day.

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